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It's all gone in a flash. The machine; Zo and Ruana; everyone he's met in the Tower, everyone he cares so deeply about. When he can see straight again, he's right back where he was before all this began. At home, on his balcony. Wine glass in hand, Eiffel Tower with a backdrop of starlight in the distance.

He drops to his knees and starts to weep.


The sun is high in the sky by the time he pulls himself to his feet. He blinks awake, the stone of the balcony hard under his back, and for a moment, he's seized up with terror, thinking he's back in some cell in the Tower.

But no.

That's his sun in the sky, burning bright and vibrant and warm. That's his tower, standing proud as ever. That's his city, his heart, his Paris, swarmed with his people, with the thousands of people from other countries crowded here just to see his sights, and they're all alive, they're alive, they're alive.

He barely pauses to splash water on his face before he streaks outside. He's not wearing any shoes. Oh well, his feet will heal. He looks like a madman, running barefoot through the streets of Paris, embracing total strangers and laying affectionate kisses on their cheeks, but he doesn't care. For the first time in far too long, his heart feels like it's beating again.


He visits the entirety of his country as fast as is physically possible. The mountains of Auvergne, the rivers of Champagne-Ardenne. Plains and woods and beaches and hills. All of it alive, lush, beautiful.

But he spends much of that time enjoying the company of the people who live on that land. He greets them, he embraces them, and, if they're willing to lend an ear, he has a story to tell them. With old men and women by a warm fire, by groups of rowdy children grabbing at his legs, with tourists and locals alike.

"This," he says, with a twinkle in his eye, "is the tale of a boy named Zo."

And, with great care, he passes on Zo's legacy. A boy with powers unimaginable, who only wanted to use them for good. A boy who could bend the world to his will, but who never thought of himself as a god. A boy who - "Yes, yes, I am telling the truth, you need not doubt your own country," - gave up everything so that he could save the world, all in the blink of an eye.

"And if you keep someone here, in your heart," he finishes, with a hand over his chest, where he knows millions of little twinkling souls are contained, "...they will never truly die."
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1. Set of clothes
2. Set of clothes
3. Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon
4. Box of fancy toiletries (floral soaps, gentle shampoos, cologne, loofah, tooth brush, toothpaste, floss, hairbrush, mirror)
5. Bouquet of roses (some real, some realistic fakes)
6. Box of French spices and herbs


1. French flag stitched by Tohko
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I long to receive your letters of admiration, darlings.


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Player Information

Name: Naya
Personal Journal: [personal profile] missnaya
Age: 18
Contact Info: Plurk: missnaya | AIM: catspurr999
Other Characters Played: Dr. Edward Richtofen (Call of Duty) | Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Character Information

Character Name: France (Francis Bonnefoy)
Character Series: Axis Powers: Hetalia
Character Age: Around 1,500 years old, give or take a few centuries. Because he's an immortal personification, though, he looks 26.
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: Modern day (April 2013)
Background Link: Hetalia as a series, France's canon history, and the history of France as a country.
Personality: France would like to believe that he's a sophisticated man who just wants to enjoy the finer things in life (good food, breathtaking scenery, a beautiful lover, or two, or five), but the reality of the situation is a bit removed from his opinion of himself. That is to say, he's a total dick. His intentions are good, of course. He simply wants others to enjoy their lives and be as comfortable with their own bodies as he is, but the way he goes about expressing those sentiments are... unorthodox, to say the least. One of France's many hobbies is "terrorizing the other nations and trying to strip them, and/or forcing them into adorable costumes."

He is very insistent in his attempts, though if his subject isn't enjoying themselves, he'll back off. This doesn't stop him from running around completely naked much of the time, though. He's completely comfortable in his sexuality, and makes no secret of the fact that he loves men and women of all shapes and sizes. Flirtatiousness is almost second-nature to him. Despite how important sexuality is to his character, and how enthusiastic he is about it, he remarks that he can't keep up with England's level of perversion, implying that he prefers a more subdued atmosphere in his romantic conquests.

Love, both romantic and platonic, is very important to him. He truly is the country of love through-and-through. Emotional freedom is important to him in all aspects of his life. Because he's so open with his emotions, he often comes off as over-dramatic to the people around him. This is because he would rather let someone know he's upset than try to hide it. With everything out in the open, issues can be resolved more quickly, and that will ultimately lead to a happier life. It's worth noting that "openness" is not necessarily synonymous with "honesty," however. His "I used to be so great" speech is a good example, in which he presents all his historical shortcomings as the result of some cosmic prank, as opposed to actual fault on behalf of himself or his people.

It's easy to see that France is a very cocky nation. For example, he considers French to be the language of love, and he makes a point to refuse to learn English simply because he thinks his own language sounds so much better (it's never stated how he communicates with the other nations, particularly England and America, in light of this). He always wears clothes that he considers to be at the height of fashion, and it's even stated that he enjoys fashion design himself. He almost always looks his best (a notable exception being when he's been abruptly woken up, as was implied by England and America at one point). When forced to wear a dreary uniform during WWII instead of his flashy blue-and-red outfit, he was miserable, even though his "fashionable" clothes made him an easy target for enemy fire.

His cockiness directly contradicts the airs he likes to put on. He'd like to make it seem like he cares about love and tranquility more than anything else in the world, but this isn't very accurate. While he doesn't enjoy warfare (particularly after Napoleon's death), antagonizing people he dislikes is one of his favorite things to do. A shining example of this is in his relationship with England, which has been primarily negative for most of their lives, to varying degrees. Even as children, France would often seek out England specifically to show off some new fashion or hairstyle his people came up with, and he took great pleasure in teasing England for his comparatively "uncool" appearance. This rivalry has gotten worse throughout the years, to the point where he and England seem to have no problems whipping out swords to settle their disputes, all while slinging insults at each other as much as they can.

France makes a point to be contrary to the people he dislikes, simply for the sake of being contrary ("Well, I'll just disagree with both England and America!"). He also takes great pleasure in visiting people simply to bother them, even breaking into England's house at one point to mess with him while he was working on his embroidery. He's shameless about his disdain for people like England and Germany, because he feels no reason to hide it when he dislikes a person. This ties in to what was mentioned earlier, about how he makes no secret of it when he's upset about something.

He isn't all ego and sexuality, though. He actually has a fairly strong protective instinct, and often refers to himself as "big brother France," especially when attempting to look after a younger nation. When America was very young, he fought tooth and nail with England in an attempt to claim America as his own younger brother, attempting to woo him with fantastic French cooking. Though his attempts failed, he seems to hold no ill will toward America for his decision. He would continue to serve as a guiding figure in America's life, be it by aiding him in his Revolution, sending him the Statue of Liberty as a coming-of-age present, or denying to give him alcohol because he believes America to be too young to drink (a direct contrast to England, who encouraged America to get drunk).

In addition to America, he has also raised Seychelles, something he takes great pride in. Though her attitude toward him is generally dismissive or exasperated, he tends to shower her in affection, even to the point where it might come off as strange (i.e. groping her in an attempt to see how much she's "grown"). He shows similar behavior to Italy, who he considers cute and well-intentioned (if not a bit thick in the head). He's protective of Italy, to the point of defending him from England's verbal attacks during WWII, even though the two of them had been spreading viscous rumors about Germany just moments before. Like America and Seychelles, France has also made advances toward Italy, which suggests that while he considers it important to aid and nurture younger nations platonically, he has no qualms with viewing them in a more romantic light, either.

In addition to being a very emotional person, France is also - perhaps surprisingly - quite spiritual. He seems to go with his gut on religious matters instead of ascribing rigorously to any one church or set of beliefs, perhaps due to his countrymen's history with philosophy. He believes strongly that if a person lived a life of hardship, that God will reward them in another life and let them live happily to make up for it. As a nation who's been alive for over a thousand years, it isn't strange to think that he would come up with something like that. He has undoubtedly seen countless citizens of his fall prey to the horrors of war, Jeanne d'Arc being a notable example. It's possible that this religious view of his is a manner of coping. Especially for someone as in touch with his emotions as France is, seeing so many people fall prey to war and hardship over the years must take its toll, so it's comforting to think that they'll have a chance to live an easy life sometime in the future.

All in all, France's day-to-day life generally consists of him either lounging around with a glass of wine and enjoying his solitude, or energetically teasing his fellow nations. His aforementioned religious views and compassion toward younger nations suggest he has a good amount of depth to his personality, but he's not the type to let his negative emotions rule him. He always tries to keep himself as happy as possible, for life isn't worth living if you don't make the most of it. He may be cocky, self-centered, and just a wee bit sex crazed, but he's confident in himself, and that confidence helps carry him through the hard times he goes through in his life as an immortal nation. He might have quite a few enemies, but they just serve to spice up his life. Really, he wouldn't have it any other way.

Abilities: France, like his fellow nations, is immortal. He ages very slowly, and, while details of nations' immortality aren't given in canon, it can be assumed that it's impossible for a nation to die permanently unless their nation falls apart completely (and even then, it's iffy). Generally, his health and wellbeing depend on the state of his nation, with examples like "economic crisis = cold" being given.

France can also cook with all the skill of a gourmet chef, and strip himself and others incredibly quickly. Don't give me that look, it counts as a skill.
Sample Entry: A test drive meme thread, and a dear_mun entry.


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